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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. This makes it extremely powerful for your business. However, if no one has liked your page, you lack more than just an audience, you lack credibility. We solve this problem for you quickly and easily. When you use our powerful Facebook promotions to buy Facebook fans, you get the trust and respect from your audience that you deserve. Facebook likes are also a powerful factor in getting your webpage or Facebook page to rank better in the search engine results. The higher you rank in the search results, the more visitors your page gets.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to ask a question regarding this service, please take a moment to look through the following questions and answers, as the question are about to ask may have already been answered.

Why should I choose your service?

To summarize, the service we offer comprises of:

•Real people – who will interact with your page

•Targeted fans (english & spanish language)

•Guaranteed fans

•Good quality fans – not a bunch on “gamers”

•High speed fan growth

•Fast replies and top customer service

•100% customer satisfaction

Why do I need fans?

Since Internet changes are moving faster than ever Facebook has become an outstanding machine for business promotion. Approximately 400 million people all over the world are using Facebook every day. Think carefully and you will see that in all likelihood the majority of your potential clients are there already. So let them know about you and your business.

If you’re unsure why you actually need fans, heres a small list of reasons:

Fans = A way of marketing. With fans, you can send them messages through a status update, which is a great way of promotion.

Viral element: Having fans allows a chance of your page going viral, as people will see your page on their news feed and join, or your fans may “share” your page to their friends. This will get mean more fans for you.

They create a good image for your company/product. Having thousands of fans on your facebook page can make your product look popular etc, which may lead to other people buying it/taking interest in it.

Creates a sense of ‘reputation’. Having a good amount of fans allows you to look reputable.

Once you have reached over 25 fans, you can instantly create a “username” for your fanpage.

Your page is 100% safe and secure in our hands. We don’t require admin access and use methods which are the safest in the industry.


All we need from you is your pages URL, and then we do the rest of the work. Get peace of mind by not having to add us as an admin, or hand over account details.

How long will it take to get my Facebook Fans or Invites?

It mainly depends on the package that you will purchase. The delivery will start within 48 hours and 1000 fans will be delivered during 2 – 4 days. The bigger package is the more time will be required.

Guarantee of Fans

We guarantee our service will be 110% what we say it is.Be confident that you will get the exact number of fans you have purchased. If you order for 1000 fans, you will receive 1,000 fans. If not, you are free to get your money back.

Are the people real?

The people who will become fans of your page are 100% real. The fans will interact with your page, for example liking your status, commenting on your status, writing on your wall etc. This is providing you make the status updates, and the fanpage interesting.

These people are also not “games players” for example farmville or mafia wars players. We have targeted these people from the country they live in, so expect good quality fans.

Never add fake profiles or bots. Unlike many companies we shall add exclusively real people who, in all likelihood, will turn into your potential clients.

Will my account be banned or suspended?

No Way! We add your fans and invites manually so you can be sure that your account will never be banned or suspended.The method we use is 100% safe, and there is no way what so ever your page will be put in danger. We understand that customers may have spent a lot of money promoting a page, so we ensure our method is the safest method possible.

Can I order more fans or invites than any of your packages suggest?

Sure! Please contact us and we shall reply to you within 24 hours.

You have questions that are not answered here?

Let us know about them by contacting us.

What method do you use?

The method we personally use involves many, many fanpages all with fans from a specific country. When you purchase fans, we then promote your page on the pages we have with the fans relevant to your order (i.e. pages that have US fans) Once your fanpage has reached the amount of fans purchased, we then stop promoting. This is why you may receive a few more fans than you paid for.

We promote your page in the list of big domains too and don´t stop promoting once you reach the number of fans you have ordered.

Why have I lost fans? What can you do?

Sometimes you will see a decrease in fans. This can usually be caused by the content on your fanpage, or in some cases the lack of content. We usually over-deliver on fans, so this compensates any loss of fans in advance. (i.e if you order 1000, we may deliver 1050)

Why is my page receiving negative comments?

Sometimes you may receive a couple of negative comments on your page. This is usually because of the method my partner uses, who delivers 90% of the order.

We apologise in advance for any negative comments, and do our best to keep them to a minimum.

You can simply delete these comments from your page, and no harm is done.

Will the fans interact with the page?

We cannot say yes as well we cannot say no. As these are real people its up to them to do so.

Will i see traffic to my page

We cannot gurantee how much traffic you will get to the page.

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